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Trends in Connectivity

Connectivity continues to be in a constant race to catch up with consumer demand. We never look at our phones and complain that we received too strong or too reliable a signal, or that the videos we watch or photos we download are arriving too quickly. Data continues to rise exponentially, and in turn, the ability to communicate such data to and from the Cloud is only becoming more important over time.

As far as new trends, we are in the middle-to-late innings of 4G wireless network adoption globally, but more advanced 5G networks are on the horizon over the next decade. One of the main goals of 5G, besides faster speeds, is lower latency. This not only means downloading and uploading files faster than before, but connection between devices occurring almost immediately. Low latency is a key consideration in the “Internet of Things” and connecting a variety of machines to one another. Autonomous driving is one such area. Drivers and riders won’t have time to wait for “buffering” if an object pops out of the vehicle.

Every buzzword in technology can be attributed to networks and computer systems. This includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Autonomous Driving, Blockchain, 5G Networks, Virtual Reality. At the core of these advanced technologies is faster speeds, faster networks, pervasive systems and platforms, and improved connectivity between devices.

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