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Enterprise Risk Management

Need to transition your software systems from an outdated system to a new one that is dynamic and can accurately store, analyze, and recommend the best courses of action? Work with us to learn how to integrate the best software system for your company.

Capital Markets Big Data Analytics & Financial Engineering

Our solutions allow analysts to search, analyze, and share data in real time. With our background in finance and industry, we understand that data systems are often not optimized. Analysts don’t have to create massive tangled spreadsheets or a complex set of code in order to generate results; they can simply leverage the intuitive user interface to break their analysis into smaller pieces that make sense both individually and collectively. 

Data Operations Engineering

We scalably get you the data you need to make quality decisions. We know how to download from prominent key data repositories and will work to ensure that any unfiltered data sets will be converted before our analysis stage. Need intelligence on social media, government records, business trends? If it’s digital, we can get it and expose it as an API or as a dashboard.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Data Strategy Consulting

We build classification, prediction, and recommendation algorithms on top of your data. Classify your customers, predict who buys, recommend the most relevant products.

  • IT & Telecom, Mobile Accessories

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Crypto-currency and Blockchain Solutions

  • Food Processing and Manufacturing

  • Retail and Mall Operations

  • Insurance, stock brokerage services, and loans

  • Design & Engineering, Chemical Engineering 

  • Energy, Mining, and Petroleum

  • Resources & Infrastructure

We help companies understand how data can help them succeed. With the rise of e-commerce and algorithmic based recommendation tools, we know that data can not only cut costs, but also drive increased revenue. We figure out what kind of data you need, what can machine learning do for you, and what skills you need on your internal data science team.

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